Probing options

This section describes the probing options offered by SYIL.

TTC200 cable tool setter

TTC200 cable tool setter, made by PIONEER, consists of hardware and software. The hardware also has a mounting base.

Probing Tool Setter TTC200


TTC200 Cable tool setter's Technical Parameters
Diameter of the touching pillar:  12.7±0.005mm
Pillar’s hardness:  HM8.5
Sensing direction of the pillar:  ±X, ±Y, -Z
Travel distance of the touch face:  X-Y±5mm,Z-8mm
Trigger repeatability of the pillar (2σ):  ≤ 2μm
Input voltage:  24±10% V DC
Output load current:  50mA
Seal grade:  IP68



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Wireless Probing System

SYIL provides an optical (wireless) probing system as an option for your SYIL machine. It is the OPS-20 series from PIONEER.

Probing Wireless


OPS-20 Series Optical Probe System's Technical Parameters
Stylus sensing direction:  ±X, ±Y, +Z
Stylus sensing over-travel :  X-Y±15°, Z +5 mm
The adjusting range of trigger force in Z direction:  500-1000 g
Trigger force in X-Y surface:  50g-100g
Unidirectional repeatability(2σ):  ≤ 2 μm
Optical signal receiving/sending distance:  ≥ 5 m
Working days of new batteries ( 5% utilization rate in a single shift):  140 days
Input voltage:  24±10% V DC
Output load current:  50 mA
Seal grade: IP68


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