Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu

Videos from Naomi Wu and her SYIL X5 Combo

I'm a DIY and Tech enthusiast from Shenzhen, China. Check out my channel- I've got a lot of cool and unique videos!


I talk a little bit about my tool buying philosophy, then take the design I made for a bottle opener in a previous video and show you how I set it up and mill it- then I hit the streets to crack open a beer and test it out!


I use my least favorite CAD/CAM program- Fusion360 to design a bottle opener, then create the NC file for milling on my Syil x5 Combo milling machine!


I got my giant CNC machine in the door- but still a few things to do before I can start making chips. Watch me run air, get mains power, level the mill, and tram the vice.


I was given a gigantic industrial CNC milling machine to review. Do I know anything about running a giant industrial CNC milling machine? Heck no- but we'll learn together!