Lubrication systems manuals

This paragraph describes all about the lubrication systems in the SYIL machines.

7 Series

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The SYIL X7 comes with a centralized lubrication system from iSHAN. iSHAN centralized lubrication systems are designed to lubricate ball bearings, flat bearings, flat slideways, circular slideways, linear guides, cams, gears, chains, etc.. in the CNC machine.

The characteristics of the iSHAN oil injection machine applied in the SYIL X7 are:

  • A liquid level switch is provided to output the abnormal signal of the liquid level.
  • A motor self-protection device is provided to prevent overheating and overloading.
  • A pressure relief valve can protect the pump and the pipeline to reduce the loss.
  • The pressure switch can be selected freely according to the requirements of the customer .
  • has a "FEED" key, which can be forced to lubricate.
  • longest lubrication time less than 2min, the shortest time between songs more than 3min.


Model iSHAN YET-C2P2
  Voltage (Single Phase) 110V or 220V
  Consumption Power (W) 100
  Capacity of Terminal Output (A) 0.3 (Float Switch)
  3 (Pressure Switch)
  Lubrication time (second/minute) Cooperate with PLC control system 
  Intermittent Time (second/minute/hour/cycle)  Cooperate with PLC control system
  Output Bore Ø4 or Ø6
  Max. Output Pressure Mpa (kgf/cm2) 1.5 (15)
  Output Volume (cc/mm) 150
  Pressure Release device O
  Float Switch O (NC)
  Pressure Switch (kgf/cm2) 9-Dec
  Pressure Gauge O
  Alarm Beeper X
  Tank Capacity (L) 2   /   3   /   4(Metal Tank)
  Weight (kg) 2.6  /  2.9  /  3.6