How to remove the X7 from the pallet?

This article describes how you can safely remove the SYIL X7 from its pallet.

  1. Remove the packing of the machine.
  2. Take off the coolant tank from the pallet

  3. Remove the nut from the screw
    remove-from-pallet-2  remove-from-pallet-3

  4. Raise the machine from the palletremove-from-pallet-4 
  5. remove-from-pallet-5Keep the machine with forklift, and move the pallet awayremove-from-pallet-6  remove-from-pallet-7
  6. Put the machine on the ground, and adjust the level of the machine
  7. remove-from-pallet-8When the machine local on ok, the next is wiring, this is the power input terminal and gas source interface.remove-from-pallet-9  remove-from-pallet-10
  8. Add rail oil (#20~#70)and cutting fluid(the tank max is 80L, in normal, 70L is enough)
  9. remove-from-pallet-11Remember remove all support of X axis, Y axis, Z axis and ATCremove-from-pallet-12