Gtscientific - Hawaii (USA)

"Industrial controls in a compact package, the SYIL delivers quality at an affordable price perfect for my needs."

GT Scientific LLC: Few SYIL owners have as broad a market base as GT Scientific founded in 2017 by Grant Takara, on the island of OʻAHU Hawaii!


You can see him at work in his Instagram page:


With his products reaching all corners of the earth, you can see why we are proud to have GT Scientific as one of our customers.


"In 2019 I was in search of a brand new low maintenance machine that could fit in my one parking stall sized shop, was under 4,000 lbs (out of concern for my concrete floors), ran off of single-phase power, had absolute position servos, accepted tooling with pull studs, a reliable ATC, on-screen graphics, metal way covers, a powerful coolant pump, and a robust enclosure all for under 35k USD delivered to my door.

The SYIL X7 delivered all of those and has made scaling my business possible. Industrial controls in a compact package, the SYIL delivers quality at an affordable price perfect for my needs. Since receiving the machine I've only seen the machine design continually improve to epoxy granite castings, nicer sheet metal enclosure, more spindle power, and an even more compact footprint. SYIL is definitely hungry to capture the market of individuals who want a compact industrial ready-to-run machine with high reliability." 


At the time of writing in 2021, the machine has completed approximately (1400) hours of work with no mechanical or electrical failures. 

This of course is a testament to the build quality of the SYIL X7 but also the care Grant takes of his machine.

If you follow @GTScientific, you will see that the company is expanding in its capability to cater to its own products and to serve its customers better. We at SYIL are proud to have been a key part of your success Grant!

We wish you further success in your venture and will remain at your side to support you as long as you own your SYIL X7.


For more information on the products and services supplied by GT Scientific LLC, visit their website: