Dward Design - United Kingdom

"The V5 has been solid and dependable in titanium, stainless, and aluminum.”

Ed Mason the owner of Dward Design is another satisfied owner of our small VMC the SYIL V5. His machine is set up with the LNV 5800 controller and a 10 tool automatic tool changer. 


After getting his degree and working for a couple of big engineering firms Ed realized that he knew how to design parts but not make them, and so asked his employer to be trained in manual machining. He loved it so much that he ended up becoming an R&D prototype machinist and running the R&D shop there. The CNC machine was then an easy step up.

A new house with space for a workshop allowed Dward Design to become a reality. Alongside building custom steel bicycle frames, Ed slowly started to progress through buying manual, and then basic CNC mills. Sadly the machines in the startup budget left too much to be desire. Unreliable electronics and control software were really limiting.

After many hours of research looking at a lot of different mini-mills to fit the limited workshop space, Ed saw that there was no other small CNC machining center as capable as the SYIL V5 for the size or money. So in Summer 2019, Ed got in touch with SYIL UK and specced out his machine. By Christmas Ed had his machine installed and ready to start producing.

As Bath is only a few miles from our UK base in Bristol, we paid Ed a quick visit to show Ed some tips and tricks on the LNC and since then he has been a very happy customer.

That was about a year ago (and only a couple of months before lockdown!) and since then the V5 has run most evenings and weekends, with very little stress. Given the need for efficient use of his time and the small travels of the machine, fairly early on Ed made a bespoke zero-point pallet system which has hugely increased productivity and throughout.


Most of the products produced by Dward Design are in 6-4 titanium, both printed and bar stock as well as the occasional stainless and aluminum for fixturing too. 



“The V5 has been solid and dependable in all three materials.”

Ed trusts his machine to be able to accurately and repeatably put the final touches on components whose cost would make any machinist sweat.

We thank Ed and Dward Design for their trust and wish them continued success.

For more information on the products and services supplied by Ed Mason visit his Dward Design website.