Aaron Powter

Videos from Aaron Powter and his SYIL X7

Aaron Powter is a high school technology teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He also runs the  Design, Creativity, and Technology Channel on YouTube. He posts regular videos showcasing all things engineering such as machining, fabrication, welding, CAD-CAM, CNC, RC helicopters, robotics, vintage tractors, and more. Aaron Powter owns a SYIL X7 small CNC milling machine

Below is a compilation of his videos.

CNC Machining Custom Fixture Plates


Syil X7 Milling Machine Oil Skimmer Installation

I got so sick and tired of way oil in my coolant that I dropped the coin and lashed out on a brand new Skimpy Oil Skimmer. The one I installed is the belt type which takes up very little room. However, the chip bin draw required modification to allow this to happen. Join me on my Skimpy journey.

CNC Machining on a custom fixture plate

Welcome to the Design Creativity & Technology Channel. Today I'm doing some prototype CNC Machining on a custom fixture plate today in my little home shop. This is raw unedited footage as I thought I would share it with my subscribers.


CNC Machining 3D Printer Parts - Lockdown Flip Flop

Welcome back to the Design Creativity & Technology Channel. I'm back with another CNC machining video for you all today. These are aluminium replacement parts for a large 3D printer carriage axis. All machined in my garage workshop on my Syil X7 Combo.


Worlds BEST - DIY CNC Mill Enclosure

Could this be the worlds best "do it yourself" CNC milling machine enclosure? Today on the Design Creativity & Technology Channel, I'll highlight and provide running commentary of David Gray's DIY CNC mill enclosure build for his 2015 Syil X7 servo machine.