SYIL T3 Operation Manual

1. Operation Instructions

1.1 Basic Operation of Operation Panel:

  1. Startup Operation Sequence (guarantee the reset button is not at RESET status)
    1. Open the external main power switch
    2. Switch the main power switch of the electrical cabinet to the status of “OPEN” and open the main power supply of the machine.
    3. Press the switch of “Power On” on the operation panel to open the power supply of NC.
    4. Release the “Emergency Stop” button.
    5. Press reset key “Reset //” to activate the machine tool and add “Feeding Enabling”.
  2. Shutdown Operation Sequence
    1. Press down “Emergency Stop” button and the machine would enter into emergency stop status.
    2. Press down the switch “POWER OFF” on the operation panel to switch off the power supply of NC.
    3. Switch the main power switch of electrical cabinet to the status of “OFF” to shut down the main power supply of the machine.
    4. Shut down external main power switch.
  3. Emergency Stop Button: In case of any emergency situation during the running of the machine, press down this button immediately and the machine would stop all controls. In releasing the emergency stop situation, rotate this button in clockwise direction and the machine would return to standby status. After releasing the emergency stop button, press “Reset //” to activate the machine tool. Check and confirm the absence of interference, continued operation should be done.
  4. Rapid moving: the function of Rapid Moving could be used when the operators would like axles of the machine to make large distance rapid movement.

The operation procedure is shown as below:

A. Select the JOG mode.

B. Place the rapid moving rate percentage to the desired position.

C. Press down the selection switch for axial movement to ensure various axles would move toward the desired direction.

Power Switch

A. Power switch is used to connect NC power supply

B. Use to shut down NC power supply.

C. Emergency stop button. This button is in red color. Press down this button upon the coming or occurring of any accidents to shut down control of the enabled server. Rotate this button to the right to recover the power supply.

2 Introduction to the Keys and Display of the System

3/8螺纹,用于安装辅助装置: 3/8 Thread, used to install supporting devices

系统软按键: Soft Keys of the System

用户接口的保护盖: Protective Shield for User Interface

菜单回调键: Menu Callback Key

菜单扩展键: Menu Expand Key  字母区 Letter Zone   数字键区 Number Key Zone 控制键区 Control Key Zone  编辑键区 Edit Key Zone 热键区 Hot Key Zone 光标区 Cursor Zone

① Protective cover for user interface

② Debugging and communication network interface, Ethernet (repair socket) X127

③ Status LED RDY, NC, CF

④ USB socket X125

⑤ Slot for CF card

2.1 Definition of System Keys



Graphic  Symbol




Alarm Cancel

Clear off alarms (clear off some alarms)


Channel Switching

Switch the running among different channels (model 828 does not have this function)



Explanations for parameters, alarms, machining and etc.



Separate text during the writing of program or input of definition


Window switching

Switch for the display of different windows


Page up

Turn to the previous page


Page Down

Turn to the next page


Cursor up

Cursor moves one character back


Cursor down

Cursor moves one character downward


Cursor Left

Cursor moves one character to the left


Cursor Right

Cursor moves one character to the right


Select Key

1. Writing programs, press down this button to select the target.

2. When there are several options available for selection, press down this key to select the next key


Right Expand Key

When there are too many single sub-contents (the right lower position of the screen has the right expand schematic plot), press this key to check other sub-contents.


Upper Expand Key

Return to the previous contents


End Key

Jump to the end



Delete one previous character or delete the selected contents


Line change key

Switch to the next input column


Shift Key

Use together with other key to open the secondary function


Combination Key

Use together with other keys


Combination Key

Use together with other keys



Delete the next character or delete the selected contents



1. When there are several options for selection, press this key to pop up contents available for selection;

2. When select a series of data or programs, press this key to enter into the modification mode



1. When set the data or input character, press this key to confirm the input;

2. Press this key to change line when writing programs


Menu Select

1. Pop up other sub-menu

2. Double click this key to display the previous window



Letter key

Input the characters required by program


Select for Machining Page

Switch the window to the machining page



Edit, modify and simulate the program


Tool Offset

Modify the tool parameters, set component number, and change the R variable


Program management

Check and manage the machining program

2.2 System Panel

用户自定义按键 User Customized Keys急停开关或主轴倍率 Emergency Stop Switch or Main Spindle Magnification Ratio进给倍率选择 Selection of Feeding Magnification Ratio 钥匙开关 Key Switch

手动 Manual 重定位 Re-position参考点 Reference Point寸进Inching 工作灯 Working Lamp冷却液Cooling Liquid 冷却吹气 Cooling Air Blow 主轴倍率- Main Spindle Magnification Ratio -主轴倍率+ Main Spindle Magnification Ratio 录入Type-in 示教 Demonstration手轮Hand Wheel 换刀使能 Too Switching Enabled 攻丝回退 Backspace of Screw Rod主轴正转 Main Spindle Forward Rotation 主轴停止 Main Spindle Stop主轴反转Main Spindle Reversed Rotation 自动Automatic 安全门 Safety Door刀库正转 Tool Storeroom Forward Rotation 刀库旋转 Too Storeroom Rotation 刀库回零 Zero Returning of Tool Storeroom 单段Single Section复位 Reset手动润滑 Manual Lubricating 主轴停止Main Spindle Stop 主轴启动Main Spindle Startup  4 4-spindle  5 5-spindle 6 6-spindle 加工停止Machining Stop 加工启动Machining Switching 坐标系切换 Coordinate System Switching进给停止 Feeding Stop进给启动Feeding Startup 快移Repaid Moving

2.3 Movement and Selection of Spindle

A. Spindle override 100%

“Spindle INC”: 5% increase for each click

 “Spindle DEC”: 5% decrease for each click

B.Rapid movement rate adjustment

Use this rotary knob to adjust the movement rate of G0 and G1 and each space would indicate the increase of 5%.

2.4 Jog Control for Main Spindle

A.Forward rotation of main spindle (jog mode)

   After pressing down this key, the main spindle would implement forward rotation and the indicator would be ON.

B.Reversed rotation of the main spindle (jog mode)

   After pressing down this key, the main spindle would implement reversed rotation and the indicator would be ON.


     C.Main Spindle Stop (Jog Mode)

       The main spindle would stop immediately after pressing down this key.


2.5 Machining Graphic of the Machine Tool

中断 Interruption停止:单步执行结束 Stop: Single-step Implementation Ending 快速 Rapid 主轴Main Spindle 时间计数器Time Counter 程序 Program程序剩余时间 Program Left Time工件计数 Work piece counting 位置Position 余程Residual Stroke 深蓝色表示当前窗口 Dark blue indicates current window  G功能 G function 辅助功能 Auxiliary Function 程序级 Program level 实际值Actual Value 程序修改 program modification

1 Effective operation zone and running method

2 Alarm/information line

3 Program Name

4 Channel status and program control

5 Channel running information

6 Display of spindle position in the actual value window

7 Display below contents

• Effective cutting tool T

•Current feeding rate F

•Effective main spindle under current status (S)

•Load of the main spindle, indicated with percentage

8 Machining window, with program section display

9 Display the effective G function, all G functions, supporting functions and other input windows for different functions (like jump of program section and program control).

10 The dialog line used to transmit other user descriptions.

11 Horizontal columns for soft keys

12 Vertical columns for soft keys


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